Military Alterations – One-of-a-Kind Tuxedo Shirt

What can you do to stand out from the crowd at a Military Ball?

Alterations by Toni provides Military Alterations of uniforms for all the armed services. This fun formal alteration request was a tuxedo shirt modification for a military formal event.

Military Alterations - Air Force Military Ball

Take an ordinary white tuxedo shirt and switch out the sleeves and back for a truly unusual look. These two Air Force military men asked me to do just that recently for their Military Ball. They wanted to add a little humor to the ball by appearing to be wearing a normal tuxedo until the jackets are removed, and they showed off their Air Force and Superman shirts underneath. Talk about unique formal wear alterations!

The switchout required the removal of the sleeves and back panel, adding a novelty fabric to replace the sleeves and back and adding on the white cuffs to complete the disquise until the unveiling.

The Importance of a Good Tailor

J Hilburn SuitThe reality of clothing these days is that it does not fit every body type and shape, is not flattering as it should be, and basically does nothing to enhance your appearance. A good tailor will offer you professional advice on the fit for your body shape, offer an honest opinion and give you additional options. The importance of a good tailor is their knowledge on styles and fabrics, and what it takes to create a tailored fit just for you, using specific hand and machine sewing and pressing techniques.

Quality tailoring includes adjusting inseams, waists, sleeves, hems and restyling to enhance your appearance, giving you the look and feel of a custom made garment. Skip the dry cleaners or department store alterationists – they are in a hurry, are inundated with items, and simply do not give your garment the care that it deserves; they do what you ask and nothing more. You’ll be amazed at the difference a professional tailor can do for you.

At Alterations by Toni, we offer superlative quality and impeccable tailoring with careful dedication toward the highest quality results. A personalized garment with a professional fit will make you look and feel like a new person!

Men's Embroidered Cuff

Men's Embroidered Cuff

And don’t forget the ultimate in personalization – a monogram on your shirt cuff/pocket, inside your perfectly tailored suit jacket or on your casual golf shirts.

Wedding Gown Embroidery

Wedding Gown Embroidery for Something "Blue"

Or, for “Something Blue” we can add custom Embroidery inside your wedding gown.

Monogrammed Back to School Supplies

Monogrammed Back to School Supplies

Perfect for any returning student, we have a variety of ready to personalize items:

• spa wraps and shower bags – 100% cotton terry velour
• waffle weave cosmetic bags – 6×9” white
• nylon laundry bags – 24×36” in hot pink, red, black and khaki
• large quilted totes – 15×14” in hot pink, lime green, black, brown and blue

Monograms, names or sports symbols make these items special. Add ribbon trims in many styles and colors.

Wedding Gown Alterations

Take a look at some of the beautiful wedding gowns brought into the shop that we did the alterations on! We appreciate the confidence our brides have had over the years with our experienced and talented seamstress’s. We do everything possible to ensure your experience with Alterations by Toni meets and exceeds your expectations. Alterations by Toni specializes in wedding gown alterations | tailoring in the greater Cincinnati area.

Custom Embroidery Designs – Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Sunday, July 17 is National Ice Cream Day, and we’re celebrating with yummy ice cream treat embroidery designs! This mouthwatering ice cream sundae trio design and single sundae designs are perfect to sweeten up towels, aprons, placemats, tote bags, and more! Bring your own item or choose from our selection.

Ice Cream Custom Embroidery Designs

Tips For Lowering Wedding Gown Cost

Smart Money Magazine recently published an article regarding the cost for an average wedding – $25,000; $2,000 to $3,000 of that just for the bridal gown alone.

Five simple ways to reduce that cost are:
• Bypass the window gowns – these tend to be more expensive
• Negotiate the price – research a gown you like and ask the bridal shop for a lower price. Having your internet research figures available may provide leverage, and most bridal shops will work with you if you ask for a discount.
• Off the Rack/Floor Models – consider one of these gowns. Most are clean and have only been tried on once or twice.
• Simple lines/synthetic fibers – avoid details, frills and silk fabric if you’re looking to reduce your cost.
• Online – there are multiple places to purchase a wedding gown online. Research the seller, looking for a street address and a Better Business Bureau review. Another option is check for any Google complaints.

Wedding GownYour wedding guests won’t know what you paid for a gown, check for designer labels or feel the gown to see if it’s silk. If you like the gown, and it’s been altered to fit you perfectly, you will look and feel special on your wedding day. To save on wedding gown alterations, consider ordering your gown “hem to hollow”. The costliest of all wedding gown alterations is the hem; ordering a gown at the perfect length will save you money.

For more information on the Smart Money Magazine article and view John Matarese’s video

Monogrammed Market Totes

Come check out our NEW Monogrammed Market Totes! We have many colors and two sizes available in totally collapsible market totes just in time for the Madeira Farmers Market, which opened for the season on May 5th. They are also great for a quick shopping trip to your local grocery. Purchase yours at our shop, or at the C Apple booth at the Madeira Farmers Market (thanks to Cindy Hertzel).

Add a monogram or name in a multitude of fonts and colors to personalize your tote!

View our Embroidery & Monogramming Portfolio

Contact Alterations by Toni today for the best Embroidery in Cincinnati.

Farewell to Two Great Customers – Laurel House Shops and Williams Sonoma Home

I am truly saddened to have had to say goodbye to two of my long-time customers: Williams Sonoma Home and the The Laurel House Shops, both of whom closed their doors as of January 31st.

I have been monogramming for these two businesses for over 10 years, providing personalized gift items and linens. I said goodbye to many very nice women this month, and I will miss them all. I truly hope this economy will right itself very soon.

Laurel House Shop

Laurel House Shop

Williams Sonoma Home

Williams Sonoma Home

Bear Hugs Make it All Worthwhile


That’s what I got today from a very appreciative woman in her second trimester – a giant bear hug! She was very thankful that I was able to turn her favorite pair of jeans into maternity pants. When you make someone that happy, it makes all the time and effort you put into a job so worthwhile. And now I have eight more pair to do for her!

Off-Site Kenwood Theater Curtain Alterations

Movie Theater in Kenwood

Kenwood Movie Theater

It was a mixed bag of emotions when I received a request to alter the stage curtains at the new Kenwood Theater – flattered and perplexed! I was flattered that the management had confidence enough to ask me to do this job, and then I was perplexed as to how to complete it. The stage curtains were installed without giving consideration to the fact that they were covering the cold air returns, so the curtains were being sucked into the returns. Most returns were 4’x4’ and the curtains could not be removed. So the only way to alter them was the old-fashioned way – by hand and standing up! To add to the complexity, the job had to be done before I opened my shop and before the movies began at Noon. Two weeks, the job is done and everyone is happy.

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