You never work as hard……

The two week mark has passed in my new business, and I’m still amazed at how busy we’ve been. Monogramming and custom embroidery have contributed greatly as they usually do this time of year.

During the last few months and through the process of acquiring the business, I heard a phrase over and over – “You never work as hard as you work for yourself”. I didn’t put much stock in the phrase since I’ve been doing this work for years now. But as the phrase keeps repeating itself over and over in my mind, I know now that it is very, very true. The upside, though, is how very gratifying it is working for yourself.

Shop Madeira – Light Up Madeira Event

Carriage Ride

Shop Madeira Carriage Ride

Saturday, December 4th was a Chamber of Commerce event where participating merchants had special pricing or giveaways for the day. Free carriage rides were provided by the Boy Scouts. The day was beautiful with light snow falling most of the day, and all the streets lit up with luminaries.

Wedded Perfection: Two Centuries of Wedding Gowns – Cincinnati Art Museum

October 9, 2010 – January 30, 2011

“Wedded Perfection unravels more than 200 years of the evolution of the wedding gown paralleled with the social, economic and political status of the women they adorned.

Wedded Perfection features over 50 gowns from the late 18th-century to modern designers including Vera Wang, Yohji Yamamoto and Geoffrey Beene. Nineteenth-century economic expansion and the establishment of the bridal industry in the post-World War II era transformed the wedding gown from a symbol of purity to a vehicle for displaying wealth.

The exhibition will explore the 21st-century bride as the centerpiece of an elaborate theatrical presentation and her wedding gown as an integral part of the spectacle.”

The Cincinnati Art Museum is known for its displays of textiles, but this one is a must see. Some of the gowns are from the Victorian era and are embellished as you would expect. There is a gown on loan from Queen Elizabeth II as well. As you move on through the years of gowns, you come to the one worn and designed by Vera Wang in 2009.

If you have the time, please don’t miss this extraordinary collection of vintage textiles.

Wedding Shops – Bridal & Formal and Carrie Karibo

Felt a bit like the Traveling Salesman earlier this week. I put on my best face and grabbed a stack of business cards and went to the Bridal District – Benson Street. Bridal & Formal is a very large and beautiful shop, boasting over 4000 different bridal gowns, as well as bridesmaids, flower girls and mothers of the bride and groom gowns. Tina and Shelly gave me a tour of the many rooms of dresses arranged by designer and color. Alterations by Toni will now be listed in the Bridal Pink Pages for bridal alterations on the east side of Cincinnati.

Carrie Karibo and Whitney were also very gracious in their shop, Carrie Karibo Boutique. They specialize in silk shantung gowns that you customize by choosing the bodice and skirt that best fits your figure. European Bridal and Cincinnati Bride were also on my tour. Future tours will be to Covington in Northern Kentucky.

New Signs Being Made For New Alterations Shop In Cincinnati

One of the more fun parts of a new business is hanging out a shingle! Although I’m not a doctor or a lawyer from the old days, I get to hang out a new sign for Alterations by Toni.

Once the tough decision of choosing which of the 110 wonderful logo designs Alterations by Toniwas made, we took the winning logo to a meeting with Jim Bottle of Queen City Signs. He’s been in business here in Cincinnati for 14 years, and from the beginning he was full of ideas – ideas we would never have thought of to create greater visibility. Instead of having a sign across the porch, he’s going to create a double sided sign to hang perpendicular to the porch visible from either direction on Laurel Avenue. Also, due to the size of some trees near the building, he suggested a large sign on the side of the building which will be very visible driving from Miami Avenue. I can’t wait to see them installed on December 1st! If you find yourself in need of signage, please consider Jim Bottle of Queen City Signs – he is very easy to work with and a true genius!

Wedding Gown Alterations II

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