Military Alterations – One-of-a-Kind Tuxedo Shirt

What can you do to stand out from the crowd at a Military Ball?

Alterations by Toni provides Military Alterations of uniforms for all the armed services. This fun formal alteration request was a tuxedo shirt modification for a military formal event.

Military Alterations - Air Force Military Ball

Take an ordinary white tuxedo shirt and switch out the sleeves and back for a truly unusual look. These two Air Force military men asked me to do just that recently for their Military Ball. They wanted to add a little humor to the ball by appearing to be wearing a normal tuxedo until the jackets are removed, and they showed off their Air Force and Superman shirts underneath. Talk about unique formal wear alterations!

The switchout required the removal of the sleeves and back panel, adding a novelty fabric to replace the sleeves and back and adding on the white cuffs to complete the disquise until the unveiling.

About Toni

Toni is the president of Alterations by Toni, an alterations shop serving the greater Cincinnati area. -- Toni enjoys sewing, quilting, gardening, Starbucks, AND chocolate. Her grandfather was a tailor that immigrated from Italy, so it must be in the blood!

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