Preserve Wedding Gown or Make Into Christening Gown!

wedding gown preservation
Your perfect wedding is now a beautiful memory, the honeymoon is over and the pictures are back. Now is the time to decide what to do with your treasured wedding gown.

Unless you have trashed it, donated it to Brides Against Cancer or sold it, you might consider creating an everlasting memory by having it professionally preserved.

Our preferred vendor, Wedding Gown Preservation Company, has state of the art Italian cleaning machines, providing 100% organically cleaned gowns. Their cleaning methods have been proven and recognized by the International Fabric Institute as the best methods in the gown preservation industry. All stains are spot treated, the gown is hand washed, then treated with a non-yellowing solution (100 year guarantee against yellowing), put into a bust and stuffed with tissue paper, enclosed in acid-free tissue paper and placed in a windowed box. Along with your gown, a jacket, veil, slip or gloves can also be preserved in the same box. A new option this year is to add a photo and wedding date to the outside of the box.

What Else Can You Do With Your Wedding Gown?

Make it Into a Christening Gown!

Another great idea for your preserved gown is to have it remade into a christening/baptismal gown. We have done this many times over the last 30 years, and it always brings tears to the eyes of the moms and grandmothers.

christening gown
What if you’ve put this off for a few years? No worries, most gown can still be cleaned and preserved successfully even after 5-10 years.

Now that your gown has been preserved, what can you do with it? Your heirloomed wedding gown can be worn by your daughter, your niece or even your granddaughter. Wearing mom’s wedding gown is a growing trend, as seen on Pinterest boards this year. It can be worn as is, or completely redesigned by removing sleeves, adding a corset back, or lowering the neckline. Some other ideas are creating a sash from mom’s dress, adding a layer of her lace or a pocket to your new gown.

Do What the Real Housewives Did on Bravo TV

Or you can do as one of the Real Housewives on Bravo TV did – install a huge shadow box for your gown:

wedding gown preservation

Stop by Alterations by Toni today to have your gown preserved!

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